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Helena Handbasket

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Fight scene from Action Angels
09/07/08, 21:46

Yeah, I flinched at pretty much every move they made.

Godzilla Final Wars - Worldwide Destruction
09/04/08, 22:45

Trollkins (Intro)
09/04/08, 22:32

Five stars to you
Samuel Jackson in Deep Blue Sea
09/04/08, 22:28


This movie is also memorable for having LL Cool J trapped in an oven and making wise cracks with a pet parrot. Also; a GUY ON A STRETCHER IS PULLED UNDER WATER AND THEN USED AS A WEAPON BY SHARKS.. come on people.
Anarchist Tackles Cop, Frees Demonstrator At RNC 2008
09/04/08, 22:22

Yeah. I'm not sure about this either. I would like to more about the incident and whehtehr thsi guy was actually an "anarchist" or what.

But, that was a pretty awesome tackle.
The Daily Show - Finding Memo
09/04/08, 22:10

5:33. Is... is it just me or does he look a whole lot like Jack Nicholson there?
Clap For Him, My Children of Sobriety
09/02/08, 21:15

That is exactly how I deal with clowns.
Sound of jelly wobbling recorded for the first time.
09/02/08, 21:08

I'd like to believe that is a submarine with nipples.
Why do Asian Girls go for White Guys?
09/02/08, 21:06

According to my sister in-law (who is JAPANESE...) they like to call white guys who only date Asian girls "Asian holders" and point and laugh at them.

They have yet to term the Asian girls who only date white girls.

Tucker Bounds on Sarah Palin's Foreign Policy Experience
09/02/08, 20:56

And Muppet eyes. Now I know why he bothers me so much, it isn't just his smarmy demeaner and poor sense of fashion, it's his sightless unmoving eyes.
Big guy wedding crasher
09/01/08, 18:54

I remember this show. I enjoyed this show.
Gov. Sarah Palin's Republican VP Nomination Acceptance Speech Pt. 2
08/29/08, 23:53

Is everyone from Alaska insane/stupid/banal? Is it all the snow up there? Is it?

I feel like I'm living in a cartoon right now. I'm giving this three stars for warping my mind, but no more because 18 MILLION is an awfully specific number and I demnd citations, also this was a pretty lame speech right here... was anything said of import? Because all I got was "blah blah blah my family blah blah blah VAGINA".

Wait, she does kind of look like a sexy librarian, so one more star.

Earth vs the Universe
08/26/08, 19:11

I don't know why. But I find that to be awesome. Yay universe!
Discovery.com - Hello Mosquito
08/26/08, 19:07

It's nostalgia pure and simple for me. But, yes also the accents. I mean come on, mosquitoes are inherently assholes, foreigners are assholes. It all fits so nicely.

Also; some of those dicks are MINE.

Godzilla vs Hedorah
08/25/08, 21:42

Wait, that was a reply to Camonk..
Godzilla vs Hedorah
08/25/08, 21:42

I shall concur with this statement.
Godzilla is a true American hero.
Noah's Stubborn Animals
08/25/08, 12:11

That looks like an awesome battle going on there... I mean, there are skulls on the ground and everything to indicate previous violence.
Godzilla vs Hedorah
08/25/08, 12:02

What the fuck is he removing from Hedorah's body there?
08/25/08, 11:52

Is that a Minnesota accent?
Rescue ink
08/24/08, 21:52




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