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Helena Handbasket

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Anderson Cooper: It's hard to talk when you're teabagging
04/16/09, 21:54


I am confused please clarify, thank you.

Also I think you have your politicial groups backwards. The traditional problem with liberals is that they do not form cohesive groups as well as conservatives. Books tell me so.
Polar bear attacks fat chick
04/11/09, 23:18

Dog ate Dan's new heart
04/11/09, 23:11

Ok. Five stars
Polar bear attacks fat chick
04/11/09, 23:08

are you 74?
Cybersix Epsisode 1
04/11/09, 22:48

so... wait..... She dresses like a man, and is a teacher, and then bullies try to beat her up for turning down a love note from a student?
Well stars for me not seeing that coming.
04/11/09, 22:13

That was not what I expected....
Twin Peaks - final scene
04/11/09, 22:10

I actually forgot how this ended, started rewatching it and then left off again.

Can't watch spoilers, can't watch spoilers.
Dinosaurs and the Bible
04/07/09, 22:57

I don't even need to watch all of this.
I can't either, holy shit.
Take your god and shove him
04/06/09, 23:15

Car analogies!
I'm riding a bike.
04/06/09, 22:10

I had the Lucky Charms jingles stuck in my head a mere hour ago. I consider this an improvement.
C Me Dance: The Movie
04/05/09, 21:33

God damn it. I just discovered this and was hoping it wasn't submitted
Elder Sign
04/02/09, 22:28

You should never use the showers at the club.

Clara Bow Dresses for Dinner
04/02/09, 21:47

Well. Bubled for insight.

And "Toodles is hungry" and "the car is without"!!!!!
Zeno Clash trailer
04/01/09, 21:11

So, he has the powers of Stretch Armstrong?

I would play this yes I would.
All cats have Asperger's Syndrome
04/01/09, 10:07

I've known this for years man. Anyone who doubts just needs to meet my cat.
Magical Martial Arts
03/31/09, 18:22

Why didn't all the kids get to be the same rank????? One kid was just an orange belt with tips.
Why We Donít Need to Worry About Global Warming
03/31/09, 18:06

"Which is nothing more than a weapon against free market capitalism. "

For Cena.
HIV Spreading From Cell to Cell
03/31/09, 18:00

I was taught about this process in school. When I imagined the process it did not once look like one cell was raping the other and leaving a little surprise in it resembling a green turd.

Obama is the Anti-Christ. And a Muslim. And he doesn't believe in God.
03/31/09, 16:43

Obama is the Anti-Christ. And a Muslim. And he doesn't believe in God.
03/31/09, 16:38

I was entranced by her earrings and the hats on her wall. That's some pretty neat lighting and nice color scheme in the background really.

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