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Oscar Wildcat - 2011-09-28

all stars for the total lack of understanding of the real and immediate danger present to the videographer. This is how people get killed by female bears.

fedex - 2011-09-28

they'll open that car like a can opener and scoop out the soft insides

simon666 - 2011-09-28

There is a reason why you're not allowed to store food in your car.

kwash - 2011-09-28

Oh so white.

Sooooo white.

The Mothership - 2011-09-28


deadpan - 2011-09-28

So is Ali Veshi white now? It's so hard to keep track of these things.

Chalkdust - 2011-09-28

"white people" is an attitude as much as it is a genetic state

duck&cover - 2011-09-28

That's right, keep them distracted so Momma can grab a big chuck of protein.

voodoo_pork - 2011-09-28

Timothy Treadwell rants incoherently in his grave.

Fatback Jack - 2011-09-29

"I see no kinship - no understanding. I see only the overwhelming indifference of nature and a half-bored interest in reverse belly-to-back suplexes."

gmol - 2011-09-29

The wind starts to blow, softly at first.
Dark clouds cover the sky, blotting out the sun.

Then, the gusts strengthen as they howl across across the road at cyclone speed.

The two baby bears look up to the sky in fear. As young as they are, they've experienced skies more brooding and winds that could topple their mother from her feet. It isn't the oncoming storm they fear.

A tall Russian man in red speedo emerges from the forest...

STABFACE - 2011-09-29

Adorable? They look like some kind of fucked up genetic experiment between toddlers and dogs.

fedex - 2011-09-29


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