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Desc:guess which country!
Category:Nature & Places, Educational
Tags:Hot, tv, Japan, wtf, wax
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Comment count is 18
The Mothership - 2011-10-08
never has the bukkake tag been more deserved. Jesus.
Riskbreaker - 2011-10-08
Could have been Russia.
Anaxagoras - 2011-10-08
Russia was my first guess.

Chalkdust - 2011-10-08
Aw, come on. He's gonna peel that thing off his face and it's gonna be awesome.
charmlessman - 2011-10-08
Wow. Congratulations, Japan. Just when I thought you could no longer surprise me.
Jet Bin Fever - 2011-10-08
And their audience includes a hideous mouse creature.
Callamon - 2011-10-08
With a dick.

Pompoulus - 2011-10-08
Ha... ha...

uekibachi - 2011-10-08
the only problem i have with these kinds of shows is that japanese tv is just the same 30 or so people. most of the time they are eating.
cognitivedissonance - 2011-10-08
I'll admit to a halfsie.
spiteful crow - 2011-10-08
Jesus Christ, Japan, you should know better than to allow a furry to watch this. You're just giving him ideas.
Oscar Wildcat - 2011-10-08
I think he's dead in that last frame.
memedumpster - 2011-10-08
Everyone is laughing while I just sit here horrified.
boner - 2011-10-08
This is why Japanese men are so lucky to be completely hairless.
fedex - 2011-10-08
actually I was thinking "this is why they are so hairless"

reifiedandrefined - 2017-02-28
stars for fedex

Robin Kestrel - 2011-10-08
So instead of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" they are playing "Umbrella, Bucket of Hot Wax, and ???"
zerobackup - 2011-10-08
...the blood

oh the blood
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