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Desc:2 stop watches, and it adjusts for leap years.
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:watch, craftsmanship, Antiques Roadshow week, timepiece, how do I get it home
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Comment count is 12
"Oh it is? ...Well I'll be damned."
Jet Bin Fever
What craftsmanship. I only wish I could see inside of it.
But does it handle the every-100-year-except-every-400 rule?
Amazing watch. The interesting thing about watches now is that a cheap quartz watch is a few orders of magnitude more accurate than a ten thousand dollar mechanical Rolex.
Oscar Wildcat
...and if you open up the brass door on the back face, you'll see inside a tiny replica of the watch to be used as a backup in case the full size watch has a problem.
"This is an incredible watch."

"Oh wow."

"This is an incredible watch."


"This is the most beautiful watch I've ever seen."

"I tellya what..."

"I want you to love me. I want to feel you inside me. I want your seed deep within my love cavern, pounding the seconds away as I stare in dumbfounded awe at this incredible watch."
Tell me again how much it's worth


Powered by the unholy forces of hell itself.
But will it blend?!
Sell! SELL!!!
You got greedy, Martin.

The Mothership
Vintage Pateks are fetching ridiculous sums right now.
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