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Desc:that's hot
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:Hot, Heat, ice, melt, induction
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Gamara II
I think this might be glass (with tiny metal particles in it to absorb the RF energy), as one of the youtube comments said. I can't imagine ice would just sit there red hot and stable at thousands of degrees, when it will melt under warm water from a faucet within seconds.
The secret is magnets.

Ice isn't just sitting there, ice is being hardcore! How do you know what ice would do, anyway? I hang with ice, ice is a friend of mine, and ice says you're nobody who don't know nothin' about ice!

Oscar Wildcat
Barring fraud as mentioned by Gamera (Friend of ALL CHILDREN ) I suspect the ice is doped with a bit of sodium bearing salt ( I'm seeing more yellow than red here ). It's fairly easy to get RF discharge in a conductive solution, and the heat will be localized to the region of the discharge. Light != Heat.

Gamara II
Oh here we go.


Looks like they have a chunk of metal inside the ice cube to absorb the RF. So only the metal gets hot first, emitting light which bounces around and makes the whole cube appear to glow, and eventually the heat conducted from the metal melts the ice cube from the inside (which we don't get to see in the youtube video). Neato.

This is your brain.
This is your brain on cellphones.
Any questions?
Dread Pirate Roberts
They've synthesized cellphones into a drug now?

Someone file a bug report.
If heat is transferred in packets of quanta, how did the metal heat the ice enough to glow without itself glowing?
cool water sandwich
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