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baleen - 2011-10-09

I was the assistant to a director who was Amy Irving's boyfriend. She came in the office one day and introduced herself to me. She sounds EXACTLY like Jessica Rabbit.It was scary and arousing. Scarousing.

Louis Armstrong - 2011-10-09

Patty cake!? Patty Cake!!!

Nikon - 2011-10-09

That would likely be my reaction too. Damn ...

EvilHomer - 2011-10-09

Mai waifu!

CJH - 2011-10-09

some people are sexually aroused by cartoon women. okay, i can deal with that. but can someone explain why among these aficionados of animated females, those jerking it to pre-teen magic schoolgirls and my little ponies outnumber the rest like a bazillion to one? you'll still be a creeper if you jerk it to jessica rabbit, but it'll be more understandable.

EvilHomer - 2011-10-10

I think it's more a matter of visibility than numbers. I don't think there's a single normal man alive who hasn't considered flogging it to Jessica Rabbit at least once, but then, they're "normal". Mundanes don't usually broadcast their jerking habits, certainly not in public and rarely in gory detail.

Loli-and-pony fappers are a vocal minority. There's not quite as many of them, but boy are they proud of what they do, and damn you if you try and engage them in a conversation not directly related to cartoon wanking.

mashedtater - 2011-10-10

we had this movie on vhs, i dont know how many times ive seen it but it has to range in the thousands. my sisters and i would rewind this part, and each would take a turn singing along. it still amazes me to this day with level of talent and love that went into it, and im sad there arent many movies like it still that touch on as many elements as it does.

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