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Desc:a little debate about OWS
Category:News & Politics
Tags:Alan Grayson, P.J. ORourke, OWS
Submitted:Walter Ego
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Comment count is 20
It's amazing that everyone who's against OWS seems to very quickly have to resort to douchebaggery in order to argue with what is generally a more tempered eloquent voice arguing for the OWS movement.
i am driven to inconsolable rage
It's upsetting how unfunny he is in the clip. He can do better.

Scorched Earth Wall Street. Every Republican is Napoleon and Moscow shall not be theirs.
Abstract Fainter
Binro the Heretic
If OWS had taken place fifty years ago, O'Rourke would have been right there with them. Not because he would have believed in what they were trying to accomplish, but because he'd have thought it was a great way to fit in with the cool crowd and get into girls' pants.

He was a fake hippie in the 1960s and he's come to embody all the worst things he used to pretend to hate.
It's worse than that, O'Rourke is the proto-douchebag. He was only a hippy because it was offensive to his Harvard pals, and the second the hippies started gaining traction, he switched sides to offend them, too. He's a deliberate contrarian, nothing more, and has never been anything but.

I lost patience with O'Rourke when he took to arguing that taxation deprives people of the opportunity to give to charity. I have yet to meet the person whose priorities are "basic necessities, then taxes, then charity, then leisure items"; people put leisure goods ahead of charity, and that's what taxes cut into. And that's really what O'Rourke is objecting to, but is trying to make it sound like a virtue. Douchebag.

... Actually I do know people who put charity above leisure, but they are pleased as punch that there is an organization like the government that can challenge poverty on a large scale. So they aren't the people O'Rourke is making excuses for.

Wow...I had no idea PJ ORourke had descended to this level of douchebaggery. Guess he wants to suck at the profitable teat of neocon batshit crazy land along with all the rest.
Sadly, he's usually quite amusing on NPR's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me."

One episode had a question about amusing current events which was "who just developed what's being marketed as the first wine target at men." The answer was "NASCAR." O'Rouke interrupted and said, "Excuse me? 'What's the word? THUNDERBIRD!'"

Somewhere under Mr. Curmudgeon-For-A-Paycheck is a halfway-witty person. It's tragic, really. At least Dennis Miller had the good graces to lose what little sense of humor he had when he went over to the Fox side.

He was replaced by a complete moron. He should really run again in the same district. He'd probably win.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I believe he is running again.

Jet Bin Fever
I really missed Grayson. So glad to see him again.

Am I the only one that has noticed that Grayson looks uncannily similar to Irish comedian/writer, Graham Linehan? The crazy eyebrow tick is present in both of them.
I was thinking, "That looks like one of the Irish guys from Alan Partridge"...and now he has a name. Thanks!

five stars for grayson's glare of utter contempt at the end
You pick up things like that when you're Batman's sidekick for a while.

hella groaning over here

Holy Groaning Internet Poster, Batman!

Ah yes, calling someone a hippie instead of actually presenting an explanation as to why they're supposedly wrong.

Oh wait, this is on Bill Maher? I thought it was actual cable news for a second. It surprises me that it isn't.
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