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Desc:Too Redneck for 73q
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:obama, Cena_Mark, Ray Stevens
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Comment count is 14
*Sigh* This is what rednecks really believe. How fucking sad.
Oh look, and old, greasy, has-been, shitstain also trying to cash in on the "HURRR NOBAMAR" trend.
Ray Stevens is a true country legend with many classics under his belt. Seeing pander to the Tea Party like this is quite sad.

he dances like Tonetta at some points. Now you know why you never see the two in the same place.
Jet Bin Fever
oh god, you're right!

I stopped watching this guy after his "MEXICANS TOOK ALL OUR JOBS AND MONEY" song.

I'm amazed that hasn't been submitted here yet.
B. Weed
Ray peaked in 1974.
Typical Early 1970s Ray Stevens Song:
Ray tells you who's he's gonna sing about, then describes what they look like.
Ray imitates said character he's singing about, usually a bunch of gibberish.
Ray talks really fast about someone reacting to said character.
Ray has the character do same thing to another person, but that person reacts differently.
Ray sings about how the character is now famous.
Ray ends the song saying he just sang a song about that character.

Don't believe me? Listen to Ahab the Arab, Harry the Hairy Ape, and Speed Ball back-to-back-to-back and get back to me.

I seriously thought that Stevens had died of cancer in 2007.

Abstract Fainter
I know it's hard to believe, but some of his other videos are straight up racist. He complains about illegal immigrants coming to America and stealing dur jobs, yet in this video, everyone is working four jobs and still aren't making ends meet.

Binro the Heretic
Not to mention his incredibly ignorant and hateful song about the Hurricane Katrina victims.

He'd lost my respect decades earlier, but "The New Battle of New Orleans" made me truly despise him.

Jet Bin Fever
Ray Stevens is still alive? Wow, you learn something every day.
He and Victoria Jackson should do a duet.

Sanest Man Alive
I would absolutely love to hate to see that.

Also I used to get Cat Stevens confused with this guy, mostly by virtue of not really caring about either of them, but it makes moments like this all the more surreal.

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