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Desc:Interesting YouTube user name
Category:Advertisements, Educational
Tags:college, slob, Pajama Party, education connection
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Comment count is 19
the comments
And the submitter.

Oh my, he has like around 200 or so uploads of random TV spots labeled "chick in sweater" "girl on left" etc....ah, the internet

Yes...the comments.

"I'm a heterosexual male with hormones that frequently make me horny. When I am not having sex with the girls I pick up, I like to think about sex with women I see on TV.

Here in my channel, I will include a collection of women I would like to fuck. Any questions? Please subscribe!"
Just to reinforce this post, this is the actual description of this guy's YouTube channel.

Sudan no1
he should have named his channel "womenIwillneverfuck"

"When I am not having sex with the girls I pick up"... so, all the time then.

Her legs don't match the rest of her body. Leggings with boxers?
The Mothership
There's an 'education connection' tag that will link this with the other 2 commercials like it; pajama-clad coeds abound.
Jet Bin Fever
I like the submitter's Sally Field video.
I may be in my pajamas right now, but I'm not going to bed. I'm going to college...

How is this any different from regular college?
The Mothership
seriously, some of my students come to lectures barely dressed at all.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I think she majored in dupeology.
Yay for non-dischargeable debt and non-accredited schools!
Old People
Where I live, this commercial comes on like every hour or so on all the networks with America's Fattest Prison and The Cruelest Mexican and Cop Smash and that sort of thing. Every dude in the room knows the girl's monologue by heart, and at 0:15 we all yell along with her as she says "STUFFED".
Wonko the Sane
submitted: boner
She's invited to the party with the pants. The pants party.
A lot of the videos on his channel are VHS transfers. He's probably been collecting these clips for a long, long time.
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