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Desc:The most perfect imitation of a celebrity ever created
Category:Humor, Arts
Tags:NPR, Ira Glass, Terry Gross
Submitted:Modern Angel
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Comment count is 13
La Loco
Really good but not perfect. He got the cadence right and script but tone is off.
This, along with Wiretap and My Word, are the shows on NPR I'll sit in the parking lot listening to, even though I'm late for work.
Hank Friendly
this is a pure gold concept BUT Loco is right-Ira Glass is a downbeat motherfucker who makes everything he talks about sound like the saddest goddam story in the world, and this topic would be no different
Jet Bin Fever
This took a lot of work for such a silly premise. Some really good bits in there though.
Not close enough to the mic.
Syd Midnight
Can't really blame them for not having a 0 microphone, I guess
Menudo con queso
More like 00.

Modern Angel
you guys suck
The premise alone is great, and it was close enough to enjoy the hell out of.
Unmerciful Crushing Force
Wow. The thing is that EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is so good and so perfect. Alex Bloomberg sounds like Bloomberg, Terry Gross sounds like Terry. Granted, Ira's gotta hold it for a long longer than everyone else so I gotta cut some slack.

Five stars and favorited, when our program continues.
Modern Angel
That actually is Terry Gross. Just all spliced up and recut.

Well the Terry bits are actually her, edited from real shows

Was not expecting much, but this was awesomely awesome. I particularly loved the music cues, so spot-on. 5ed and faved.
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