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Desc:Modern day classical music composer.
Category:Arts, Humor
Tags:music, piano, composer, Synthesia
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Comment count is 14
Finally, Philip Glass releases a song I actually like.
A) Not everything with notes is a 'song'. No one is singing in this.
B) This is not minimalism. Philip Glass is minimalism.
C) This is just musical masturbation. Which can still be funny.
D) Glass is an acquired taste. I once disliked him. Until I figured out what he was actually doing and the what the point of minimalism was - then I loved it.

Harriet Tubman, Party Pooper.

I will always associate Philip Glass with my time in Manhattan. Nothing says "buildings so high you can't see the sky and parking costs too much anyway" like his music.

Thanks for clearing that up, Ms Tubman! Now for my next question: do you have a favorite prime number? Which is it?

5 invisi-stars to EvilHomer.

Jet Bin Fever
Preview image ruined a good thing.

I'm not going low-vote this because of that, though.
This made me laugh way harder than it should have. I can't tell if all my years of musical training and sophistication are failing me or if this is a sign that they have finally matured.
Robin Kestrel
Reminds me of a Whitney Music Box (http://wheelof.com/whitney/index.php?var=v0).
I was hoping for a cock picture.
I think this is a groovy tune we all can dance to.
spiteful crow
MOTHERFUCKER was actually surprisingly melodic.
Finally, a classy way to let the boss know you're leaving the company. Thanks PoeTV!
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