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Desc:what...what are you doing in my house?
Category:Science & Technology, Humor
Tags:like, facebook, status, like my status, blue gum
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cool water sandwich
what...what are you doing in my house?
I couldn't come up with a description. That is perfect. Thank you.

I liked the end.
if we can find 9 more people this awesome, the internet will be spared from apocalypse
Wow. That was one of the most irritating things I've ever seen. Good find.
Five star this comment if you like her status!!8)!!
The Mothership


It's the overdramatic feminine black equivalent of the static pop whenever a trucker starts talking on the CB radio.

Holy fuck that was annoying
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
This started out at "frightening" and then went to "annoying" and then stopped at "hilarious" before ending up at "awesome."
Corpus Delectable
It was a good serious face. Imma like his status.
Hilarious. Plus gum matches mascara.
The preview image alone reminds me of a Francis Bacon painting.
I never realized what a comedic genius MR. T is.
Would THA SUGAH, or Wouldn't THA SUGAH?

I'm guessing Would.
i work in an office filled with pudgy white people listening to christian rock and I would give my entire vascular system to have this person show up for just one day
The Townleybomb
Then like his status!

Jet Bin Fever
Okay, fine, you won me over.
Macho Nacho
Liked his status.
I lol'd heartily
Jaguar Wong
Jaguar Wong likes this.

5 stars for liking her status
This a dude? I can dig it either way.
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