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Prickly Pete - 2011-10-23

Food Reviewer's brother?

Riskbreaker - 2011-10-23

It gives me such a morbid fascination seeing people so obsessed with their hobbies. In the case of this guy, his obsecene dvd/br collection and his genuine love for crappy movies. All that said, he looks like a cool guy. This list of zombie movies is not half bad, if only missing some stuff here and there. I was expecting Dr Boll's House of the dead, considering how flexible his taste for movies is. Also, i need to watch that first movie, is Laura Gemser and Joe Damato, can't say no to that trashy combintion.

EvilHomer - 2011-10-23

He reminds me of one of my friends- the fat, the film school, the zombie fixation, everything. What I don't get is how this is a list of his "favorite" zombie films, yet he can't remember the plot to many of them. He does that in his other videos, too; are these REALLY his favorite movies? Or merely films he thinks are interesting? Also, anthropacyoucolypse? A man THAT fat can't pronounce anthropophagus? From the looks of it, he's been phaging a few anthropos himself.

I got "The Eye" yesterday night on the strength of his foreign film review; will watch it tonight.

Rovin - 2011-10-23

The original The Eye was a great flick.

mon666ster - 2011-10-24

The Eye 2 is better. Buddhist horror.

craptacular - 2011-10-23

this guy seems alright.

Hooker - 2011-10-23


divinitycycle - 2011-10-23

THESE! ARE FOR YOU! Also, I currently work in a call center, and (until he was fired), there was a guy near me who talked EXACTLY like this. It was kindof terrible...

Riskbreaker - 2011-10-24


Void 71 - 2011-10-23

I went through a zombie movie phase for about 6 months when I was 13 or 14. It didn't take very long for me to come to the realization that Dawn of the Dead was the high water mark and that most zombie movies were one dimensional gorefests.

I agree with this guys about Return of the Living Dead, though. That was a really fun movie.

fatatty - 2011-10-23

We are the most powerful nation in the world with the lion's share of the world's resources at our disposal. This is what we're doing with it...

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