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Desc:Morbidly Obese man rolls down a hill. Many more cute-sad videos await from this guy.
Category:Horror, Humor
Tags:fat, sad, Obese, D:, Erick Does This
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Comment count is 22
I have always wanted to see this, but I figured I'd have to pay for it.
I think you have to pay if you want him to do it naked.

no dear, you have to pay to make him keep his clothes on

It actually took him longer to get up than it took to roll down the hill.
Good thing the fe-whale was there to...uh....help.

Live it up buddy, it ain't gonna last much longer I'm afraid.
nanaaaaanananananaaaaaaKatamari Damacyyyyyy...

The Townleybomb
He is so fat that he can't close his legs and thus just rolls in a big arc!

+1 for the fatty in the blue sweatshirt's classic arms-out waddle.
Hay Belly
Thanks for the science experiment idea for my BF's kid.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
give me god damn one sit up!!!!

also bravo to his pants! they are well made!
I want to believe this is how they run quality tests for pants these days.

D: is the perfect tag.
Re-enactment of the scene from "The Princess Bride" plus squelching noises.
I got scared at the end of the roll when his legs didn't appear to come to rest. He looked dead. Then I realized his leg was just too fat to come to rest against his other leg.
Jet Bin Fever
I can't fault these people for actually being out in nature and trying to have some activity and fun. I'm happy for them.
Well, don't look at their channel, then, because there are plenty of eating videos too.

American Standard
A whole pound of fudge in two minutes!

Yes the dirt on your pants is the most disgusting part of this video....
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Let's not trigger any fault lines now.
The ground is actually flat, what you're seeing is the curvature of spacetime via general relativity.

Also, rolling down a hill is a lot of fun and I think everyone should do it occasionally. I only wish I could generate my own incline in the tensor fields of the universe too.

Nobody will ever see this, but the squishfart sound at :16 is terror.
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