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Desc:And argues with Warwick Davis about it.
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:midget, dwarf, warwick davis, karl pilkington
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Comment count is 19
comedy gold
Apparently I didn't pay enough attention to this show.
I felt the same way because I watched this series and didn't remember this part at all. That's when I decided that I've been smoking way too much weed recently.

Then I found out this is from Season 2, which I didn't even know existed until just now.

Holy shit this video has been a rollercoaster ride for me. Flame on!!

This is from An Idiot Abroad, which is the best travel documentary ever made.

You should check out gerhard reinke's wundurlust.

The best travel documentary was Travel Sick which is fucking impossible to find.

American Standard
Oh, Karl.
She's already got her own mushroom to live in!

This is unbelievable.
That's where I lost it for a bit.

Syd Midnight
You can even hear the cameraman cracking up at 3:40.

Oh, mark.
"you could tell he was in charge"
The Warwick Davis call at the end just takes it over the top
If I was watching this with people I would have paused it after the "little monkey" comment and took bets on whether he'd stay on the phone.

His innocence in the phone call makes this.

Syd Midnight
It's like a puppy or very young child where they don't comprehend what they did wrong so you can't stay mad at them, that look of worried befuddlement on his face at 2:35.

In Karl's defense, "gawping" is pretty much all he does. If it wasn't a dwarf city, he would just be gawping at something else. It's all he knows.
Do you suppose the king of the midgets is a title for life or does he rotate it out with the little samurai midgets like in SCA?
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