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Desc:This lady has something important to tell the U.N..
Category:Horror, Nature & Places
Tags:russia, schizophrenia, refbatch, mouth horror
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Comment count is 18
It's like she's putting English words in her cesspool mouth, chewing them up with her corpse teeth, then thrusting them out into the world with maximum crazy. It took me a full minute before I realized she was attempting to speak English.
yeah she's poor crazy and disgusting and she's probably endured more hardship than any of us could possibly imagine. I hope she fucking dies.

Oh C'mon baleen, scale back the sanctimonious sarcasm just little a bit.

Comrade Admiral
yeah baleen, scale it back, we don't want anyone to have to start re-examining their own shitty attitudes or anything like that.

I just took it as a joke with a bit of ridiculous language thrown in for effect, albeit totally tasteless. I'm not that familiar with Charmlessman, so maybe he is a huge asshole elsewhere, but this particular post doesn't seem like it needs a white knight. Look at her teeth, her terrifying mouth - she really does have those things, they are right there in the video. I'm sure she's had an incomprehensibly hard life - but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a corpse mouth that gibbers away crazy shit nonstop. Can we not point that kind of shit out anymore on POEtv?

Was the video posted so that we could all hold hands and feel bad for her, and take a long journey into our hearts to find the courage to do something about her condition? To make nothing but encouraging remarks so that maybe she will be able to fight her demons thanks to the collective goodwill of all the wonderful posters here? Or was it posted on Portal Of Evil dot com so that we could all get a glimpse into her terrifying reality, and maybe make a few jokes about it to diffuse the sheer awfulness pouring out of the youtube window?
I think it's the latter. I've been coming to this site for something like 10 years, and it's sorta always been like that. Obviously, saying things like "This cunt should die" is pretty unacceptable, but just pointing out her teeth and the disconcerting way she talks doesn't seem totally out of line for this place.
So, lighten up a bit? We're powerless here, and just to keep our hearts from getting overwhelmed by shit like this, sometimes we need to make a joke or two, even if it's mean spirited or tasteless. It's how I cope when I'm powerless, at least.

No, Ursa, I'm a GIANT asshole.

No but really there's nothing amazingly interesting about this lady except that she's crazy and ugly. Or is there? Am I missing something?

Ah fuck you guys I give up.

There's been a few of her videos here over the years. None of them are remotely intelligible.

Oscar Wildcat
21500+ clips?!?!?! She's making one of these right now, you know. Right this very instant.
She just made 6 more in the time it took me to post this.

The Townleybomb
Wow, you're not kidding. There are at least a half a dozen of her doing Tai Chie dressed like Little Edie from Grey Gardens.

Over three years, she has averaged 19.67 videos a day.

Good lord.

If you were curious, CODblackopsPS has the most youtube videos period, currently at 729803, averaging 221.15 videos a day, or 9.21 videos an hour; a video every 6.51 minutes.

Oscar Wildcat
In fact, I was curious. Thanks. I think this 75 day uninterrupted stream of gibbering nonsense qualifies as some kind of performance art.

"Slenderman is stealing all my sheep, Mr. Putin"
I was trolling her for a while telling her in various videos to show off her titties, and eventually in one particular video, she was shouting and gesturing angrily and pointing to her chest.

I like to think I had a role in that.
Adham Nu'man

I don't mean her, I mean you.

Billy the Poet
She reminds me of Calamity Jane from Deadwood.
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