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Desc:Remember INeedamommy.com, here's more
Category:Humor, Horror
Tags:nerds, adult baby, mommy, Ineedamommy.com
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Comment count is 20
I don't think I've ever felt so gross voting a video up to the front page.
No, I don't remember "INeedamommy.com"

Ignorance 'was' bliss.
Well, what do you know, I am sane after all.
and i need a drink
Oscar Wildcat
Second-term-Ronald-Reagan cam.

The Mothership
pill lady bring pills....pill lady nice.

oh yeah, this deserves to be here.
The Mothership

wtf japan
So do these women actually enjoy participating in this fetish, or are they basically prostitutes who get paid to wipe grown men's asses?
Ranma X.
To be fair, it seems like a pretty good gig, as far as fetish pornography goes. They get paid to talk to a camera, say a bunch of bullshit, and they don't even have to take off their clothes to do it.

White Trash Party
The economy has hit some people harder then others.

American Standard
This is probably some of the safest porno you can star in. Who the fuck is going to admit they saw your infantilization fetishmeister vids on ineedamommy.com?

These are some hard times.
The Townleybomb
Isn't this basically what the movie in "Infinite Jest" was supposed to be like? Because maybe the Canuckians are behind this and we shouldn't watch it.
The asian lady could probably get a job in real porn.
Why is she degrading herself like this? Doesn't she know she could star in real, respectable porn?

big pincers
stern mommy at 0:12 is my favorite. she's the most authentic.
Filmed entirely in Ishitmypantsovision.
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