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Desc:From the crazy, frenetic anime film that's like Wacky Races meets Death Race meets...something.
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Anime, anime that doesnt suck, Redline, Studio Madhouse
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Comment count is 19
The whole thing is awesome. See it.
I don't understand who would pay money to sit on bleachers and watch cars drive off into the distance.

Then, what, you just sit there for ten minutes? Watching a big television or something?
You just described the Grand Prix.

Indeed. At least with rally racing you have a better chance of seeing a car wreck.

I'm ok with this.
This was what anime promised us in the late 80's to early 90's...but we had to put up with a lot of mediocre and embarrassing shit to receive it.
Sanest Man Alive
Don't kid yourself; we still have to put up with a lot of mediocre and embarrassing shit.

Daddy Warcrimes
There was a lot of stuff in the trailer that seems to have been cut from the final film. It's entertaining enough, but the ending was pretty awful.
the long "trailer" was actually more like a pilot.

there's nothing really missing plot wise, only scenes arent reproduced.

Well, I guess that the writers wanted to buck the classic *spoilers* cliche' in racing films that always, ALWAYS has some Deus Ex Machina stopping the *spoilers* from happening.

"Nope, it's happening. Deal with it."

On rare occasions, they give anime directors something called a budget.

Really great film. Sweet JP.
I really, really want to see this on a big screen. Therefore I can't watch this video. Stars anyway.
Now THAT'S pod racing!

So when does the precocious kid and the chimp pop out of his trunk?
American Standard
My most-recommended anime to people convinced it's all just maladjusted Japanese horseshit.

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, skeptics.
This managed to get through my outer layer of cold blooded cynicism and provide an enjoyable experience.

Not enough to want to see the movie.
Are there any anime about racing where nosebleeds AREN'T part of the final stretch?
or horny teenagers!

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