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Desc:Jackie Chan's best stunts, as selected by the man himself in his autobiography, 'I am Jackie Chan'.
Category:Stunts, Classic Movies
Tags:Stunts, Jackie Chan, kung fu, Also his balls are huge
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Comment count is 12
Potrod - 2011-11-05
He did multiple takes of the clock tower fall for absolutely no real reason as far as I can tell. 5 stars for that alone.
garcet71283 - 2011-11-05
Great stunts, but the stars are for the dub from sinners and saints that appears to be done by Jack Ryder. (Roll Fizzlebeef)
SolRo - 2011-11-05
The Who Am I stunt just scared me shitless when I saw it because I already knew he did his own stunts without much safety gear

Where's the "Also his balls are huge" tag?
EvilHomer - 2011-11-05
It would have been here sooner, but it had to fight it's way through three Triad gangs, a herd of stampeding elephants, and BASE jumping Parkour Nazis.

EvilHomer - 2011-11-06
It was fighting a bunch of Triad hitmen on top of a flying 747.

EvilHomer - 2011-11-06
What the hell was that?

Pompoulus - 2011-11-05
Out of the eeeast *whump*

A dream come out from the skyyyy *thump* *CRACK* *wham*
longwinded - 2011-11-06
That first one totally looks like a scene from Bad Boys 2
Riskbreaker - 2011-11-06
The fall from the clock is insane, but the fall from the pole with the lights in Police Story is double insanity. I cringe every time i watch it because i imagine Jackie's hands peeling off as he falls down.
Meerkat - 2011-11-06
Did that clothesline explode?
Riskbreaker - 2011-11-06
It did, the voltage was actually higher from what it should had been.

Stopheles - 2011-11-06
Not only did Jackie do all of his own stunts, but he also made sure that he could do all the stunts that the OTHER actors in his films did, out of principle.

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