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Desc:From Russia of course
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:cat, russia, CATegory, russian cats
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Comment count is 10
Caminante Nocturno
Hey, good-looking! We'll be by to pick you up later!
La Loco
Can I has shopping bag?

Google ad is perplexing: What really attracts men? 9 mistakes women make that men find totally unattractive.
So I guess having cats is one of them? I don't know.
being so fat that a cat has to go out to buy your food.

cool water sandwich
The bag is filled with parts of mice and birds, and interesting bits of string.

Vodka you stupid cat, vodka I said!

A dog would have used a reusable bag.
I don't think i feel safe anymore knowing the russians trained an untrainable animal like cats to do this.
big pincers
russian cats tag?

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