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Desc:It is a favorite Halloween treat in America, but the FDA says it can cause serious health problems
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:engrish, rip, NMAtv, licorice, black licorice
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Comment count is 8
A favorite Halloween treat in America? What jokester told Hong Kong that?
Jet Bin Fever
it's from Taiwan, but whatever.

People listen, just listen, maybe black licorice isn't that great for us anymore. Maybe it WAS better when we were kids in school making fun of fat girls with funny hats, eating red licorice too, and we didn't know any better.

Maybe though, just maybe, it's not the licorice but the people eating the licorice that's the problem. The Foolish Drug Association can say what it wants about black licorice, but I say a group of fatties choking on too much licorice is just the same as a group of fatties chocking on twizzlers.

The same problems that have plagued black licorice will follow these candy fanatics to whatever candy store they flock to.

Just eat some goddamn apples and oranges for once.
is bo that boring already?

For me, yeah. If others like it, more power to them. I browsed around there for like 30 minutes or so, didn't see anything I found interesting.

I've never really posted that much on POE-News either, even ten years ago when it was supposedly good.

It leaves a bad taste in your mouth and shortens your lifespan? Great, black licorice is going to make me think of sex with Magic Johnson.

...I mean... shut up...
Adham Nu'man
So, the fat guy sitting on the john is poe-news?
cool water sandwich
Yes, and the toilet is bo.

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