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Desc:A demonstration within the demonstration
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:new york, irony, OWS, Occupy Occupy Wall Street, fighting for the status quo
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Comment count is 9
They lasted 5 days.
Maybe they had jobs to return to.

Its not like they have anything to fear from the occupiers anyways.

MacGyver Style Bomb
But Frank Miller said that they were thieves, rapists, and murders. You mean he was wrong?

I mean they don't have to fear the occupiers changing anything.

Nothing to see here. Keep your eyes pointed at your nearest Apple device. Carry on. Don't think.
Corpus Delectable
Faux counterprotesters. At some point the smug and metasmug will feedback on other and collapse into a necktie-patchouli singularity.
Jet Bin Fever
It's really telling when a day of "protest" only yields a 1 minute clip.
1 for being neither funny nor clever.
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