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Category:News & Politics
Tags:republicans, oops, debate, Rick Perry, unprepared
Submitted:Spit Spingola
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oh dear
George W. Bush on steroids turned out to be even more accurate than we thought.
The Townleybomb
Sounds more like oxycontin to me.

Louis Armstrong
The Coast Guard! That's the third one!

We've been around since 1790 and have always been of value.

Louis Armstrong
What does one do when their bored at home? Go to the Internet and reach for Brony bait! It's easy to use and results are predictable.

The godamn plane has crashed into the mountain.

oh man this is gonna make such a bad SNL skit

Billy the Poet
I heard this on the radio when I was making dinner. I really thought it was a joke.
The badlipreading video now starts to make far more sense.



Savior of the GOP during the month of: June

Strengths: Filled with the sort of unthinking anger and hatred Republicans associate with traditional American values.

Undoing: Has no idea what the President does, couldn't remember where John Wayne was born.


Savior of the GOP during the month of: July

Strengths: Has "a good relationship with the blacks," is not actually running for President.

Undoing: People realized he is basically just an uppity game show host.


Savior of the GOP during the month of: September

Strengths: "Swagger," got a bunch of people together in a stadium to pray for Obama to die.

Undoing: Achieved the unthinkable by actually being too stupid for the Republican base.


Savior of the GOP during the month of: October

Strengths: Got rich off pizza, harbors naked contempt for all Americans who did not get rich off pizza. Often speaks in complete sentences.

Undoing: Probably a rapist.

Mitt Romney:

Not yet savior of the GOP

Weaknesses: Is an emotionless Mormon cyborg. Is what you see in your head when you hear the term 'empty suit'. Hair apparently created by late 90s CGI.

Strengths: Will be the Republican nominee, I mean are you fucking kidding me? You seriously think that Ron Paul and the merry band of resume padding sideshows running in this primary will last 5 seconds after the party's big money boys decide to pull the plug on this pathetic hoedown and declare Mitt the nominee?

Possible Undoing: Passed moderate, successful, market based, health care reform, which suggests to party base he is an unhinged big government socialist.

Binro the Heretic
With regards to Herman Cain, a lot of his supporters STILL support him. Some even acknowledge he may have "inadvertently" made some "inappropriate" comments or had some of his "friendly" actions "misinterpreted", BUT BILL CLINTON DID MUCH, MUCH WORSE THINGS!!!

So, they forgive him.

They forgive Cain, but they wouldn't actually vote for him. He's an entertaining warm-up act.

Corpus Delectable
I'm going to give this five stars. One star, two stars, three stars, four stars, and....uhhhhh....I can't remember.
Innocent Bystander
So does someone want to explain to a non-'Merkin why he wants to abolish education?
I'm not certain, but if I were a betting man I'd say it has something to do with how the religious types like homeschooling.

He just wants to abolish the federal department of education. There are arguments why but they all pretty much boil down to the idea that school curriculum should be entirely compatible with right wing American evangelical Christianity, and schools should either be run for profit by educational corporations or by churches.

Because it's somehow socialism because state funded education is giving your kids something for free or something.

Basically it's garbage logic primarily from the Tea Party faction in this country. You have to remember that their line of thinking is literally "Anything the government does is somehow horrible." That's literally what it boils down to. But, when confronted with the reality that the government does a zillion things that they have no problems with (because they themselves benefit from it) they go into a weird brain shutdown mode and can no longer understand what the hell they're advocating, so they simply revert back to the first line of their defective programming: government equals bad, government equals bad, etc.. etc..

They are the political equivalent of creationists; they are unable to actually provide any sort of logical basis for their beliefs, so they simply plug their ears and keep relying on the most simplistic, basic, cheap and easy ways to spread their belief system without having to uncomfortably think too hard about it.

I've heard two main arguments for banishing the Department of Education.
1. Give the local school boards more power in deciding their curriculum.
2. Education has gone to shit since its inception.
I can't vouch for the strength in these arguments, but they do appeal to my Libertarian values.

Black Napkins
Alright, Cena, blah blah troll, I'm okay with that.

You second point is straight up wrong. It seemed "better" in Olden Tymes because we now include data points which were discarded historically. The education institutions are required to do something with the students.

Also, why should the second point even matter? If having government institutions is bad, the efficacy is irrelevant. Unless, of course, you're only against government institutions that don't help you.

I've decided that Libertarianism in both its forms, is one of the most entitled weenie political philosophies I've ever encountered. It's the political equivalent of L. Ron Hubbard's "make it go right".

Black Napkins
(In other words, in the 1950's, schools wouldn't have to have included Rick Perry in the stats. They'd just boot him out the first time he failed to eat soup.)

Binro the Heretic
Because Grover Norquist told him to.

Caminante Nocturno
The short answer is that there are a lot of people in America who are too stupid to realize that they're anarchists.

Because education should only be provided as a US Army benefit?

No one is saying education shouldn't be free. We want free public education, but we want more local control. We had free public schooling before the Department of Education's inception and we can have it after that.

Because what we need is the retards in the south replacing science with bible studies and african american history with civil war re-enactments.

Literally laughed out of contention. I don't care what political stripe you wear, aren't you glad to see it happen to a career politician at least once?
Wow, he couldn't remember anything after "education." Both times.
for the record, the third one turned out to be the Department of Energy

I love how Ron Paul had to give him a lifeline.

The same gut Perry tried to rough up at a previous debate...
If Paul was quicker on his feet, he would have done the following:

"Uh... uh... what's the third one?"

"The Armed Forces."

"That's right! The Armed Forces. I'll abolish the-- wait a minute--"

Crowd: "BOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Rodents of Unusual Size
"I'm too stupid even for a panel that includes Michelle Bachmann! YEE HAW!"
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