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Desc:Good to see the citizens of Skyrim are just as realistic as ever.
Category:Video Games, Humor
Tags:basket, Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls
Submitted:Crab Mentality
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Comment count is 14
It's no 'Oblivion Sucker Punch' but it'll do. It'll do.
sheesh, give em a DAY at least

Go away, I have more important things on my mind right now.
that fucking wiggling corpse thing is back. Oi.
It never left.

It works for murder as well.

D'oh. For some reason I supposed this video was about applying baskethead strategy for thieving purposes. What they can't see, they can't condemn.

Dread Pirate Roberts
The arrow actually moves within the basket!

I know... dumb excitement. But still...
Putting aside the jokes and pointing out the glitches, the game is fucking amazing. Everything I think anyone who loved Oblivion would like to see in a continuation.
Same for Fallout fans. If you liked either of those games you'll like this. The glitches have only added to the entertainment in my experience, they've never gotten me killed or ruined my game.

The car trunk bug/undocumented feature never ruined fallout 2 for me.

Life goes on.

Asshole physics strikes again.
Sanest Man Alive
An extra star for the submitter's name.
Okay, which button on the Xbox controller allows me to pick crap up like this, because I was experimenting with Buckethead Shenanigans all evening and I couldn't recreate this.

Also, five stars for getting launched into orbit by a giant.

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