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Desc:Obscure webmaster calls out the ART THIEF Al Roker and his THIEVING Coastie henchmen.
Category:Crime, Arts
Tags:Alaska, coast guard, Al Roker, art thief, COPYRIGHT ME DO NOT STEAL
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Comment count is 15
They didn't steal your art. They sampled it.
HE stole from ME! I came up with the idea of people underneath helicopters back in 1999.
I used to coast guard at a local pool when I was 16. We were always up to shenanigans: petty vandalism, shoplifting from wal mart, hustling kids at card games and stealing art. I stilk have my coast guard costume and a few Thomas Kincaids we lifted for a laugh. Oh, memories.
I saw a guy at the supermarket practicing for the coast guard yesterday. He was working really hard to get the sweep THEN mop stuff down pat.


We lost some good men in the coast guard. Hank, Corey, Skinny, Jim, Fat Jim, Josh's brother, Slim Pickins, Fatty. The Steak N Shake parking lot, 2004. Stinky just got fired and we were egging the joint. But it all went wrong. Sometimes I feel like a part of me is still in that Chevy Nova. I cant remember how the mess started, being pinned down in that God forsaken parking lot. But what I do remember is WE WERE COAST GUARD

I'll admit I'm no hero, but I know plenty of folks in the Coast Guard who are.

The ones who get to polish stuff.

Seriously Sugah Rain. Mock me all you want, but my brothers and sisters in the USCG are far better people than I. Together we work to protect our nation, environment, and mariners.

I used to buy some really good drugs from USCG up in Washington, so I'll give you that.

I voted this out of the hopper without even watching it. I'm 5 starring without watching it too.
You should watch it, because this guy is so full of himself. He mentions he's and artist, a producer, a DJ, and a helicopter pilot like 5 times.
Also for such a prolific artist, he knows shit about copyright law. Not that the USCG had anything to do with making the logo.

A different angle on the helicopter makes it a different image, dumbass. You don't own all possible three dimensional representations of your two dimensionally represented crap.

The orientation of the letters on his retarded teeshirt violates seventy thousand Hot Topic copyrights.
Binro the Heretic
I once drew a silhouette of a cowboy on a horse.

Marlboro owes me a bajillion dollars.
It's funny when people into "doing remixes" and "rap music" bitch about people ripping off intellectual property.
Its called sampling intellectual property.

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