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Desc:Uncomfortable shifting, talking around the question, settling on a vague answer.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:foreign policy, libya, herman cain
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Comment count is 23
The Mothership
Truly, he has a dizzying intellect.
I don't think he's stupid at all...he's just based his brief political career on trying to be the stock Republican candidate, and answer every question straight out of the GOP talking points playbook. It's such an untenable position that any question that requires the smallest bit of nuance is just impossible to answer.

The Mothership
I don't think he's stupid at all either, he just makes himself dizzy as he tries to think outside the playbook, as you say, while still trying to pull out an answer from it.

What jangbones said.

The talking point he's reaching for here is "Obama let Libya be taken over by the villainous Muslim Brotherhood!". Not sure why he fumbled it.

So, in summary:
Hm, I'm not sure what I'm talking about.
But Obama did something wrong, and that thing is something I know nothing about, and don't know that he didn't do anyway.
But as president, I'm not going to know everything, which is what I'm criticizing Obama for. But, y'know, I have to criticize Obama.
If this was a job interview to be on-air for Fox News, he passed!

Two front runners of the republican presidential race act basically retarded within 2 weeks. Awesome.
Void 71
I thought Obama was the Republican front runner.

The two we're discussing are running for the Far Reich of the GOP...

It speaks volumes about the hatred the Republican base has for Mitt Romney that ANY candidate, no matter how blockheaded and ill-prepared, when forced to share the stage with their most moderate candidate, becomes the front runner until humiliated into submission.

Pillager, the two we're discussing are the two leading in the polls, not some fringe like Ron Paul.

These are just the puppets with the sticks who beat each other for the kids to make the real monarchs and their destruction of actual life seem friendly and satirical.

Yeah meme, its a conspiracy to make the real candidate look satirical. Are you talking out of your ass?

No, Bronytard, I mean Obama, you know, the actual Republican president who lied his ass off to get elected?

Ring a bell?

@ Tha Sugah rain, we missed one.

Cain, Newt, & Romney all seem to think we can take on Iran.

All are fighting to win over the tea baggers.

Hell, RON PAUL is also a frontrunner in Iowa...

What was once the lunatic fringe, is turning into kingmakers.

"Libya....President Obama.......Libya...."
He just Palin'd.
Jet Bin Fever
Those tricky liberals and their curveball questions again!

Cain has done as well as he has on charisma, the same thing that makes marks believe Hulk Hogan is a better wrestler than anyone ever. It's an intangible way of being that draws people to your energy. These people tend to have lots of success until they forget that their abilities are mostly limited.
So wait, Obama...was on the side of the resistance, right?


Ok, just checking. He did bad.
Corpus Delectable
Oh. My. God. They should have sent a poet. He's full of tard.
Jet Bin Fever
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