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Desc:this match was a bad idea.
Tags:wrestling, Japan, Sabu, Deathmatch, atsushi onita
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The Mothership
Please, please tell me that one of them said at some point: 'are you ready to rock!?'

seriously, what a bad idea. in addition to the heat in the ring, the fire would, presumably, also have sucked all the oxygen out of the square?
Jet Bin Fever
Don't forget all the smoke inhalation. Shit, I can barely stand downwind from a small bonfire.

at the end of their lives, they will be able to look back with pride and say, "*I* was a wrestler in the barbed-wire flaming-ring hellfire deathmatch of 1992"

Old People
fedex is right. If I were a wrestler, I'd jump at the chance. As it is, like so many others here, I'm a bouncer, and can only hope that Great White plays my club.

There is an interview somewhere with Sabu talking about this. Something about knowing it was probably a bad idea going in, but fuck it! Then thinking they were all going to die the moment all the ropes were lit.
Lesson: not all "cool" ideas are necessarily "good" ideas
Good? This idea was GREAT!

Needs a "Sabu" tag.

Love that Sabu.

He's less of a wrestler and more of a guy that just hurls his body at you for a good 20 to 30 minutes.

I'm always surprised Onita is not a dead-wrestler.
just think, this idea went through multiple levels of planning, and at no point did anyone stop it

good thing, this video is awesome
I love wrestling with a little bit of boneheaded danger (barbed wire, chairs, thumbtacks) as much as the next loser, but that was ridiculous.

Five stars for bravery. Tea and medals all round.
Also: Do this for the next Wrestlemania main event. John Cena vs ....oh, who cares. Just shove him in the ring and set the damn thing on fire.

That had a really fast beginning to realization of bad idea turn around time. At first I thought "well, it's not the whole ring, just the..." WHOOOOOSH!!!!
What the fuck does the guy do at 2:30? Cast fireball in the other guy's face?
Pretty much. That was The Sheik, who had to be in his 60s by that point. Using flash paper to throw fire at his opponents was half his gimmick.

you can see at the end Sheik clearly thinking to himself, "Man, I am TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT!!"

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