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Desc:Campus cop indiscriminately maces students
Category:Military, Horror
Tags:OWS, uc davis, lieutenant john pike
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The Mothership
Uh,...Apone, I want you to lay down a suppressing fire with the incinerators and fall back by squads to the APC, over.
What are we supposed to use, man? Pepper spray?

I can't believe ol' Head on a Pike hasn't made it to ratemycop dot com yet.
Ahh, the old "linking arms is a violent gesture" excuse.
Red Rover has killed more cops than the Mafia!

Yeah, this was very much uncalled for. If you're gonna arrest them, then just do it. If they resist THEN use force.

Lets sit across a sidewalk guys! Occupy the sidewalk to stick it to the man!
Hank Friendly
This is absolute idiocy. College should be the one place where you can behave like a moron (within reason) and not expect to get pepper sprayed. Id like to have seen the decisionmaking process that preceded this action.
Considering that the person who organized this small event was a professor who worked at the college, the school administration's decision to spray mace down their throats was anything but benevolent.

What really would have been great is if the CITY police department (an overfunded, over-manned, bloated entity just waiting for an opportunity to bust some heads) got involved, then it would have been a goddamn bloodbath.

The campus department is just bored idiots who ticket cyclists for running stop signs all day. They probably used this opportunity as an excuse to use the riot gear and old mace they had in storage.

"Riot Gear and Old Mace" starring Carey Grant, Priscilla Lane, directed by Frank Capra.

I saw a million of these sit-in demonstrations at college, many of them bigger and more disruptive than that. No one ever got hurt, for the simply reason that no one bothered calling campus security or the police.

I'm very far away from a libertarian or anarchist, but I'm increasingly wondering if whether drastically reducing the size of our police and military would make us more safe.

Oh American liberalism, when will you understand people don't have shame anymore? It's time to up the ante; ask the French & German student protesters in '68 how you protect your rights.

The police were just pissed the kids interrupted their annual paintball tourney.

Probably getting me banhammered, but why not drop Lt. Pike a line and let him know you appreciate his restraint!
It's funny because it's true!
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