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Desc:Everyone's favorite furry diaper fetishist and his friend with disturbing teeth shoot things.
Category:Educational, Fashion
Tags:cannon, diapers, rednecks, pamperchu, orthodontia
Submitted:The Townleybomb
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Comment count is 14
I have no idea who this guy is, but he sounds like the perfect combination between a redneck and a nerd, right down to his voice.
A red nerd.


That looks fun. It's not like they were used diapers.
The diaper creates a tight seal around the soda can allowing the soda to be launched out the barrel at high velocity. Of course they didn't have to use diaper, a hand towel would have worked too.

The Townleybomb
Having seen Pamperchu's other videos, I'm not willing to accept that they're not used without a whole lot of evidence.

I concur, but offer as evidence to their freshness the fact that a dog ran up to one, sniffed it, and moved on, instead of immediately chowing down. Dirty diapers are Doggie Happy Meals.

I've always wanted to build an air cannon. it would be fun around the office.
The manager at one office I worked at had an actual "Air Cannon" as in, it would shoot an actual shock wave of air about 50 ft. Nothing like crunching away at a cubicle when suddenly and silently all of your papers blast into the air.

Diaper destroyers. They'll pamper you to death.
Needs some sort of 'Freudian imagery' tag.

Oh come on. Look at the cannons. Look at the positions. Look at the white...

Look how the white dog, which undoubtedly symbolizes the Id, runs after every projectile. Its curiousness is unrestricted, except of course by his owner: the symbolic ego. As you can see there are other dogs in the video that are restrained greatly by their adherence to their super-egos. Thus, any natural response they have is met with immediate disinterestedness, and practically no reaction.

In conclusion: the white dog was poorly trained despite listening to commands; the other dogs were beaten by their owners, or paternal authorities; and every person in the video wants to fuck their cousins.

Xenagama Warrior Princess
Somehow they will perfect this technology and you will see it at every furry convention across the country. It will be just like the T-shirt cannon at football games, but perverted.
They should of filled them before they shot them out of the cannon!
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