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Desc:Like 'Prince of Space' but more painful. Yes, that's a young Sonny Chiba.
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Mst3k, krankor, sonny chiba, godwins law, Roji Panty Complex
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Comment count is 11
I don't know if I should spoil a certain cameo in this episode or not. I suppose it's possible a few of you haven't seen it, so I'll just say keep a sharp eye out for an old friend.
blue vein steel
gonna spoil it... needs a Hitler tag

I've done the next better thing.

blue vein steel
you're right, the "air war" in this movie becomes so drawn out and tedious that Hitler's appearance was inevitable

MacGyver Style Bomb
The Hitler Building is so well known that it's kinda crossed the "Vader is Luke's father" line in terms of spoilers.

Caminante Nocturno
Show your support for www.rojipantycomplex.co.jp!
So then ... the Roji Panty Complex.

- John 31:55

Oh, the saw grass! Why did I wear my little shorts?

They're being defeated by a wispy bachelor.

Scientists labor to find out what the hell is the deal with Japan.

"You know, I wish the running would never stop. I mean it, I simply can't get enough shots of these kids running. Really, literally, there's no limit to how much I want to see it."
"A little sarcastic, maybe, Mike?"
"Oh, just a touch."

Yeah, well, at least they're wearing their Roji Panties. Krankor and his chicken men aren't, and you can see their junk a little too clearly a little too often:


blue vein steel
"Just a quick peek at porn"

This one took me a few views to fully grasp how insanely bad the storyline is. It really does make Prince of Space look like Citizen Kane....
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