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Desc:You will believe Steven Seagal can sort of run despite being a fatty
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:fight, fat, sword, steven seagal
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Comment count is 9
I was expecting a dramatic close up of the eagle that screamed near the end.
I'd call that more of a shuffle.

Or a scuttle.
They're basically Nature's fight commentator.

Dammit. Supposed to be a reply to Riskbreaker.

Eagles are sneaky birds.

more posing than actual fighting. also, that was the climax? of the movie?
Seven Arts/H8 Red
Hey, it involved someone dying. That's enough to keep Steven Seagal happy.

...well, that and not showing up for those pesky redubs.

Neat location!
Wow, why'd they cut off the last 30 seconds of the scene? That's what makes it. Check out the very first related video, which begins where this one ends.

Caminante Nocturno
A title like "Out of Reach" suggests that whoever names Seagal's movies is running out of ideas.
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