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Desc:A wound is cleared.
Category:Horror, Horror
Tags:gauze, wound, hurting, nurse awesome
Submitted:The Mothership
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Comment count is 13
i said "oh NO!" a little bit louder each time there was a fresh pull
Corpus Delectable
That was a long video. You must have been sweaty, hoarse, and screaming by the end.

There's probably a "your mom" joke in there, somewhere.

Hrm! Sausage!
The Great Mel Bay
What the fuck causes such a hole?
Dread Pirate Roberts
Infection or a cyst, primarily. It leaves a large 'container' in which fluid used to be in. If left to sit on it's own, it will fester again. They pack it with medicated gauze to keep infection from returning. Slowly, the whole fills up from the edges and heals naturally.

The Great Mel Bay
That must have been one hell of a cyst, where's the video of them popping it with the screaming girl audio?

It's right here!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybWNZCxCrGU&feature=channel_vid eo_title

Why have I seen this before?
Poor life choices?

Apparently this happened from a rope getting wrapped around his leg while tubing on a lake.

I was terrified of that happening when I was a kid and my father would get really annoyed at me for being irrational. I will never listen to that man again.
John Holmes Motherfucker
I was recently helping to take care of someone with a deep nonhealing wound right there on his leg. There was no cyst, just a deep open pit that seemed to go all the way to the bone.

He was my ex-wife's brother. He was disabled, and was injured by a flubbed medivan transfer to a Doctor's appointment. His ankle was broken and from that point on, he spent much of his life in the hospital and in the nursing home, When we finally got him home, he was determined to stay out of the hospital for as long as possible, no matter what.

The wound was on his leg when he got out, and it just opened up like something out of the Evil Dead. After the accident, he couldn't stand up any more, so he had to defecate into pads that he sat on. We would stand him up once a day, change the pads, clean off his ass, and try to keep the wound from being infected. Which, of course, was futile. He grew weaker. We couldn't stand him up anymore.

We kept him out of the hospital for a year, but eventually, he had to go. They wanted to amputate his leg. He refused, and the infection took him quickly. He had a stroke. His lungs filled up with fluid, and he died shortly after midnight on Halloween.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.
The Mothership
does this make you nurse awesome? 5 for your story.

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