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Desc:Worse than those sebaceous cyst videos, but more deserved.
Category:Sports, Horror
Tags:cheating, body building, Synthol, leaking, terrible decisions
Submitted:Corpus Delectable
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Comment count is 18
Mission accomplished, Corpus. Gah.
Corpus Delectable
This is my proudest moment. And, yes, five for my own damned submission!

There's so bloody much of it! Tags are extremely appropriate.
SYNTHOL WEEK!!!!!! five for linking my terrible decisions tag
Oh barf.
The Mothership
cheaters never prosper.
For some reason many Brazilians are doing this.
This guy is lucky...his bicep was opened surgically rather than bursting apart. Most sythnol users aren't so lucky.
Corpus Delectable
One of el doctor's remarks is, "Maybe amputate?," according to the captions. Let's hope the guy is lucky.

I'm tempted to add a "maybe amputate" tag, but I'm afraid of what the rest of you might do with that.

Dinkin Flicka
Remember the "Where's Waldo" with framed pictures of a guy flexing and then his muscle bulge pops?

Architeuthis Tux
These new frozen yogurt dispensers are getting pretty wild.

Mint, chocolate, strawberry AND cherry!
Well I was going to watch this, but after reading that - hell no.

Sanest Man Alive
Wait 'til you see the muffin shooter.

And now: use it to cook fries.
Usually love these videos, this was the one that finally made me sick to my stomach.

Well played poetv.
Syd Midnight
I tapped out at 2:40

Strangely, the youtube comments are in total agreement that this guy is fucking retarded.
Billy the Poet
Well, Internet, I thought you had run out of horrible things to show me that I never knew existed. I was wrong.
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