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Category:Video Games, Science & Technology
Tags:Mario, technology, geek, Mario Bros, telsa coils
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Comment count is 8
bopeton - 2011-11-25
If you want views on YouTube, stick an arbitrary Mario reference into whatever thing you're doing. It doesn't matter what it is: playing the piano, introducing a film festival, building a series of floating blocks made from bricks... just throw Mario in it and get a million views.

I'm surprised this video didn't find a way to mention bacon, the Snuggie, or My Little Pony. Also, I'm surprised to see nobody making any jokes about "Science!" or wearing brass aviator goggles and a pocket watch.

All that being said, that's pretty good sound fidelity for sparks.
THA SUGAH RAIN - 2011-11-25
Ok Jerkoff, since youre the wizard of oz why dont you make the perfect youtube video and get a million hits? You know people get paid now, right? And you've got the secret formula!

jangbones - 2011-11-25

memedumpster - 2011-11-25
It must work, because this is a dupe yet I must five star the very idea of Super Mario Kitten Boobs.

Cube - 2011-11-25
I think we did tesla coils already. Suggested tags: TESLA coils, tesla.
yogarfield - 2011-11-25
that one really excited guy.
cool water sandwich - 2011-11-25
I thought that was the Kool Aid guy

dr_rock - 2011-11-25

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