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Desc:Worst of all time
Category:Video Games, Crime
Tags:dissapointing endings, fire breathing fatso, Gambols lack of approval
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Comment count is 24
Can we just paste the last screen as the final story on poe-news?
Louis Armstrong
Yeah, this is the winner.

Jet Bin Fever
This experience is enhanced by it looking like someone dubbed it from an old VHS.
Kid Fenris
The camcorder-like quality of the recording made me disappointed that we didn't get to hear the player reacting to the ending after hours and hours of playing Karnov.

Also, the Japanese version had a real ending.


Modern Angel
Ahahaha whaaaaaaa

Five for "fire breathing fatso".
He's not fat, he's just big boned.

Now there's a tag that needs to become linked!

I believe he was also in Streets of Rage as an enemy. Maybe Streets of Rage 2?

disappointing tags
disappointing tags week anyone?

that's every week

Perhaps some cheese as well sir?

Why is every bizarre and hateful game on the front page today? These are games I wanted to forget. They were the fever dreams of my youth. If only someone would post that one game where you're a wizard or something and it's a vertical scroller and you have to use magic to blast open bits of the landscape and find power ups in there, but you run out of magic in a few seconds if you don't find the right power ups and then you die when the advancing landscape kills you. Then I would "happy".
Modern Angel
Man fuck you. I loved Karnov

I always borrowed or rented Karnov (and, yes, I gave it a solid effort)... perhaps there was something in the instruction booklet that I wasn't able to learn that made this game less bizarre, confusing, and difficult? Things like "Why am I a fat circus strongman who fights demons by spitting fireballs and keeping ladders in my back pocket?"

That would be "King's Knight," good sir.

Also, at least this one says congratulations. Gunbird just ends with THE END.

yes! AHHH!


So painful. I rented this game once. I think I played it for 20 minutes. I didn't know what any of the power ups did and you just keep dieing and dieing.

Wait, is this the end?
Sanest Man Alive
Enlighten me: exactly what the fuck was everyone expecting to see at the end of these 20-years-and-change-old games? It's like I stumbled onto a romhacking forum from 1998.
Aubrey McFate
At the end of Contra an island blows up. So I expect to see at least that.

It's kind of like how songs didn't end in the 80s

The ending to Bionic Commando was downright tear-jerking.

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