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Desc:Shub-Niggurath awaits you!
Category:Video Games, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:ID, quake, disappointing endings, Shub-Niggurath
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Comment count is 15
Telefragging get 5.

The Mothership
what a waste of a perfectly good quad damage.
And he is using rockets on the shamblers! He seems to figure it out halfway through.

waste is right

Jet Bin Fever
Ahh memories. So much time wasted on this game.
Hank Friendly
Memories indeed...

my cousin had a mod he applied to the game where you could somehow see 360 degrees around your character, he claimed to the end result of being able to more or less cheat in online multiplayer. It was very strange, and made the graphics appear somewhat shitty, which, for the time, they were absolutely not.
You can set the FOV (Field of View) in the console, he probably just modified that. We used to do something similar for Quake 2, set the view to about 120 and it was perfect for multiplayer. No weapon on screen and the ideal view.

Void 71
Quake was kind of ugly, even in the context of 1996. It was a mass of brown textures wrapped around levels that were more linear and less inventive than what they created for Doom. The monsters weren't as memorable either.

Multiplayer is what saved Quake. For pure deathmatch, nothing beats it. The Quake 1 rocket launcher is the best deathmatch weapon ever created.

There was a fisheye renderer version of Quake which actually gave you a proper 360-degree field of view (rather than the usual rectangular projection).


Goddammit, how about a spoiler tag? You assholes just ruined it for me.
The Mothership
ahh hahahhaha!


They deserved to die because they were ugly.
Caminante Nocturno
Christ, what a shitty player.
Don't hate the player...

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