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Desc:Oh noes!
Category:News & Politics
Tags:white people, america!, pajamasmedia, right wing paranoia
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Caminante Nocturno
Libertarians are just the most useless things on the planet.
Have you seen the posts of the interviews with the "libertarian insider" known as "Code Name Cain" that were running last week on nakedcapitalism.com?

I swear, were poenews or poe red still in existence that sort of libertarian batshittery would be prime meat for the beast.

Because nothing bad ever came of blind nationalism.

Because realizing that your country isn't #1 in much of anything anymore is somehow disloyal, as opposed to acknowledging reality and trying to improve things.

Because Libertopians generally like how the selfish are screwing the rest of the nation, hard, and don't want people to start looking around and noticing that the fix is in.

It's people like this that make me despair for America.
I was waiting to see if they could make it an entire minute without blaming Obama. Of course not.

What's great is that the phrasing of the question doesn't even imply a lack of exceptionalism. It just asks if you think American culture is better than any other. That just implies a basic level of perspective and humility. And humility is a concept that must be terrifying to neocons, because it's not exactly compatible with the doctrine of going into other nations and imposing your culture on them by force.
The host was honestly better than I would have expected from Pajamas Media. He brought up some real points for debate and at least made it look like he was trying to have an informed discussion.

His guest, on the other hand, actually claims at 6:45 that government R&D had nothing to do with the internet revolution.
He's probably the less punchable member of the entire pajasmedia staff. Not that it means much but, at least i don't want to strangle him like Klavan and Bill Withle.

Also, the token black guy they have is quite punchable too.

Somebody get me a bucket, I'm gonna throw up!
B. Weed
This isn't an ONN thing, huh?
We can only hope for that, pajamasmedia sounds like a name somebody would come up while drunk.

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