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Desc:Hang in there for the amazing payoff.
Category:Horror, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:-1 star for bad tags, Aaaaaaah hahahaha, adobe after effects
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Comment count is 19
Thanks im going to kill myself
Too bad this isn't "The Band That Never Existed"
La Loco
I love when I get sympathetic embarrassment goosebumps. By the time I'm writing this second sentence I'm starting to like them.
Surrogate embarrassment.
"Hey, bro, I was just in my European Studies class. Some of that shit is pretty cool! As soon as we get back from Vegas, I'm gonna have my dad get us some music shit and we can start a band, bro!"
Hey, those costumes aren't period!
Hank Friendly
yeah this is pretty friggin cool
Old People
Game of Thrones meets Nollywood.
guys I think this is pretty

what was that word again

For a bunch of fantasy nerds who make the most uninspired music ever to be about Camelot, they do know a fair amount of pretty good looking and/or large breasted women willing to slum it for a horribly embarassing video. The first girl looked like she could have been hired over craigslist on a fluke but by the second or third girl, I knew these guys couldnt be playing power metal because they had too many women they seem to know.
I'm thinking they went to the local strip club and made the girls an offer to be in a video, to which they happily agreed after learning they wouldn't have to get cum all over them.

Is this some psuedo white power shit? Seriously.
filmed on location in Ohio
Filmed on location at Disney World
Silver Ravenwolf must have put tabs for power chords in her latest neopagan-du jour.
to be fair, the only difference between this and iron maiden is that maiden had talent
So which particular amazing payoff are you referring to? I'm asking because this video is so full of amazing payoffs that it's bursting at the seams.
the epic meal time music almost killed it for me. Also kudos to the singer for making metal vocals seem difficult.
This is the tale of Sir Edward Hardy and his renowned Attire of Douchiness...
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