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Desc:I'm not wacist!
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:retarded, cruelty, insults, benick112, mean
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Comment count is 24
It's just going to get worse and worse. I laughed when he said wacist, then I felt really horrible inside.
its like the love child of john turturro and elmer fudd
OH MY GOD that is dead on.

I deduced that solely from the preloader image and the "wacist" comment above; I still haven't watched this and I probably never will.

Billy the Poet
The difference between Charles Laughton and this guy is that this guy didn't direct "Night of the Hunter." Also, Charles Laughton wasn't a racist.

The Mothership
I can't watch this.
Dread Pirate Roberts
The internet doesn't have any reason to treat him like this. :(
Since when does the internet need a reason?

This is one star material, but I'm not going to take it out on baleen.

Fuck the idiots who are doing this shit. This is why POE's prime directive was the only way to keep entertaining shit on the web.

By no means do I endorse hurting benick. I love him and want people to leave him alone.

I'm guessing some of the people that stalk Chris Chan got tired of waiting for new videos, and now they are looking for new targets.
His speaking voice progressively gets more difficult to understand as the video goes on
Which motherfucker here is responsible for this?
Is there no one who will stand up and have these trolls beaten unconscious?
If only there was a strong bouncer among us.

Not just any kind of bouncer, a SUPER bouncer.

Jet Bin Fever
We need... the Brain Smasher.

This guy isn't any kind of internet celeb. His videos get 3 digit hits at most. It is almost certainly someone from here. Someone here is torturing a mental invalid, and you should feel fucking ashamed.
Jet Bin Fever
Whoever makes fun of this guy is terrible. Benick makes me so happy and I hate to see the guy upset. He's so cheerful and awesome. I love his reviews of whatever he just ate/is eating. He gives and gives.
I am only an enthusiastic fan of deserved trolling. How could anyone hate this guy?
Trolling this guy sucks.
Still have my fingers crossed that this will just blow over in about a week. That can still happen, right?
Spit Spingola
Five stars to most of the comments in here. I've sent him a few words of encouragement... I'm all about a good trolling, but this cat doesn't deserve that crap. Messing with him is just fucked up.
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