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Desc:That yuppie had it coming.
Category:General Station
Tags:crash, 80s, cell phone, yuppie, Corvette
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 10
Bhiu - 2011-12-07
Sadly, this is the only part I remember from this movie.
memedumpster - 2011-12-07
Yay porn!
Rosebeekee - 2011-12-07
Where did the truck driver go after 0:10?
memedumpster - 2011-12-07
God looked down, saw that he had done good, and lifted him up to heaven.

chumbucket - 2011-12-07
..as 'vette hate month continues right here on poeTV.
Jet Bin Fever - 2011-12-07
You have to be young to be a yuppie. young-upperclass, yuppie. This guy has gray hair.
Corpus Delectable - 2011-12-07
"Young Urban Professional" or "Young Upwardly-mobile Professional."

You yuppies get off my lawn.

Jet Bin Fever - 2011-12-07
yeah, thats what I meant. Sorry. Either way, young.

charmlessman - 2011-12-07
Where are your dinosaurs NOW Ross?
Nikon - 2011-12-08
Radio still works!
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