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Desc:Brain hurty understandy Christmas
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:christmas, Joel McHale, Community, Allison Brie, Diminishing Returns
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Boop be doop be doop boop, sex
Innocent Bystander
And they wanna cancel this? Really? While The Big Bang P.O.S. keeps-a-going?
I guess The Force isn't with this show!

(typical Chuck Lorre Production studio audience erupts into convulsive laughter, you can actually hear somebody laugh so hard they have a heart attack)

Six seasons and a musical :|

As much as I love Community, if it does get cancelled I can at least take solace in the fact that it's one less excuse turbonerds and Serious TV Watchers have to equate BBT to blackface and make even more jokes about laugh tracks.

To be fair, this season has been extremely disappointing up until this episode and the one before it. Those two episodes are only on par with the previous two seasons. It's gone downhill in a big way.

Who could not love Remedial Chaos Theory? Listen to how that sounds! It's name literally means Glee!

Oh, no wait, that's something else.

Yeah Chaos Yahtzee episode is one of the best episodes of the series. As well as Chang Noire. This is probably the weakest season but it's had some great moments. The Kissed By A Rose scene is also one of the best scenes in the series.

Ugh, five for showing me why I'll never watch this. It's too realistic.
It's also funny because if there's one thing I like less than sexpot Christmas songs, it's ones sung by women using annoying baby-talk voices, so this works as an amusing deconstruction.

I still want to hear Patrick from "Spongebob" sing "Santa Baby".

The whole episode revolved around making fun of Glee, which Community loves to do. Britta's awkward song at the end is also great. The whole thing deserves a view, of course.

Oh, and I'm going to jerk off to this later.
we're going to regionals!

What the hell are regionals?

I thought this was Regionals?

Don't let my confusion undercut their importance.


They are THIS CLOSE!

It's also poking fun of Allison Brie's appearance in this sketch:


She sings 'Santa Baby' without the baby babble and voice, so of course you're going to watch it. Yes, the clip above was just making fun of people who get their kicks from this. You don't care.

John Holmes Motherfucker
This was probably my least favorite part of last week's COMMUNITY and the first time n two and a half seasons that Alison Brie HASN'T been sexy. But all COMMUNITY clips automatically get 5 stars.

Been catching dd episodes of BIG BANG THEORY now that it's in syndication. Like TWO AND A HALF MEN, it's not really the abomination I thought it was. It's a traditional sitcom that's fairly strong on traditional sitcom fundamentals. I'm not surprised that it's beating COMMUNITY, a show that breaks the mold every week.

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