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Desc:This belongs here
Category:Short Films, Fashion
Tags:Musical, the matrix
Submitted:Freeman Gordon
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Comment count is 9
The Matrix belongs here. This belongs in a theater.
If only the sequels were like this.
i'd actually enjoy rewatching them if they had been musicals

Holy shit. 3:30-3:42, especially the first agent, is one of the gayest things I have ever seen. Like gayer than actual close up footage of a penis penetrating a man's anus. I'm talking Pickle Surprise gay.
Yeah there are a few moments when the dance fighting looks kinda bad-ass, but as soon as they try to fire a gun there's no hiding those weak wrists.

It really wasn't that different from the SM club sequences in the second movie.

You're not supposed to be helping these people complete dance moves, you're supposed to be fighting them!
Singing = 2 stars
Dance-Fighting = 10 stars
Syd Midnight
When I saw the zoot suit, I was kinda hoping it'd be a 40's swing number.
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