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Desc:College student has encounter with Russian Mob
Category:Educational, Crime
Tags:russia, Joe Rogan, mob, Bert Kreischer
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Comment count is 8
this seems like a solid plan for having a really good time in any hostile non-english speaking country, and it only takes learning 4 words. i can see how it could end in a missing persons case too, but still sounds like fun.
This sets off my bullshit detector, but its a funny story so whatevs.
Born in the RSR
Russian trains with bar-carts? I'm not buying it.

Corpus Delectable
Shut your whore mouths, the both of you! This totally happened and could happen to me too if I went to Russia.

And if I was also funny.

Fuck you.

I really like this story, and I'm sort of disappointed that more of the PoEtv crowd haven't bothered to watch this. Some of it sets off my bullshit detector too, but I think if you listen to the whole thing you can piece together a more realistic depiction of the whole situation without taking away from the craziness of it all.

I believe most of it, having been to Moscow and Novosibirsk in the 90's. This kind of shit happens in the world. I went to Honduras by myself a few months ago, and when my layover in San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba was delayed I asked the flight desk if I could just go on the next flight leaving to some random Caribbean islands instead. They said "sure thing" and let me on without a boarding pass or ID. Next thing I know I meet a guy named Omar who hooks me up with an apartment and we're firing handguns in a banana field while I'm stoned and drunk. Travel rocks.
For the record I'm anti-gun, but when your temporary landlord has a cache of uzis, semi-automatic rifles and pistols, and you happen to be in Roatan, by all means go apeshit.

Stars for your story. The problem with going to russia is....do i even need to finish that sentence? A tiger could eat you while taking a shower.

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