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Desc:maybe it's just the music but i'm pretty sure he's smiling
Category:Pets & Animals, Nature & Places
Tags:Star Wars, jumping, cockroach, leaping, roachegory
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Comment count is 11
glasseye - 2011-12-17
Pretty awesome for a cockroach.
glasseye - 2011-12-17
Also I hope roachegory NEVER becomes a linked tag.

pressed peanut sweepings - 2011-12-17
Skanky squat Mantids.
Pompoulus - 2011-12-17
Yeah, great, fine, as long as you're leaping to and from places in South Africa.
Comeuppance - 2011-12-17
If I had three wishes, I think one of them might be for all roaches in the world to die instantly and forever.
Oscar Wildcat - 2011-12-17
Chariots of Fire, or GTFO.
FABIO - 2011-12-17
My breaking point for moving out of New York was finding a cockroach in my bedroom, going to toss it out, and having another roach immediately come in the instant I crack the window.
pineapplejuicer - 2011-12-17
one of my most vivid childhood memories is me kicking a palm tree in a huge indoor greenhouse at a garden conservatory my grandparents took me to. i was immediately showered and covered with HUNDREDS of roaches.

TheInternetisFullofGenitals - 2017-10-23
These stars are for the nightmares I'm gonna have tonight.

Binro the Heretic - 2011-12-17
pineapplejuicer - 2011-12-17
exactly. something about the way he threw his arms back suggested joy to me.

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