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Desc:Makeup and animatronics done right.
Category:Horror, Science & Technology
Tags:The Thing, animatronics, what hell looks like
Submitted:Dread Pirate Roberts
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Comment count is 17
I really hope they vivisected the studio asshole who decided to scrap the above f/x in favor of CGI.
Jet Bin Fever
oh god, what a horrendous mistake. Not that I'd ever watch this movie anyway.

It wasn't bad, actually. It would have been better with more props and less CGI but I think you are not giving it an opportunity. It doesn't have the strenght of the original, sure, but its still a good horror movie.

As much as I love physical FX I don't think CG is really what was wrong with the new movie. It not being good was really more the problem.

Most of it was ineptly trying to xerox the same scenes from the original, while at the same time making the paranoia only a small portion of the story. Too much people running and hiding from monsters (how much of the original was made up of that? 20 seconds?). Monsters would purposely disappear at the last moment so the person could let out a sigh of relief before it popped up again and killed them.

They actually have tense violins playing only for a friend to jump out and yell BOO. The only thing missing was a cat startling them.

The 80s version was great because right from the opening scene it was a constant stream of what the shit events thrown at the characters, characters who you learn everything there is to know with a quick 30 second overview of the base.

The prequel's first 20 minutes were boring filler taken straight from Aliens vs Predator's intro. The last 20 minutes are almost shot for shot lifted from Alien vs Predator's ending.

Aliens vs Predator was not a good movie.

Killer Joe
I really like these type of clips. Fetch me more.
The script still would have sucked.

They should have just re released the 80s version.
Jet Bin Fever
Just get George Lucas to make it more kid friendly, add a bonus music number, and put a bunch of shit flying around in the background constantly.

It was a lost cause. Change things and people bitch that it's not true to the original, don't change things and people bitch that the original was better.

CG is only good for backgrounds and idiots.
And idiots in the background! (see George Lucas)

One of my best friends is in this video. She's now PeeWee's makeup artist.
Jane Error
She must be very very good at her job--PeeWee doesn't look like he's aged a day since the late '80s.

Gorgeous and genuinely creepy work...they did a great job with the monster design while staying faithful to the feel of the critters from Carpenter's film. I was underwhelmed by the 2011 CGI-version, but it could have been worse. These special effects would have made it so much better.
Such a shame when interesting technical work is used for such stupid purposes.
Yes, it would make a lot more sense if animatronic aliens were used to somehow grow corn.

This has to be the stupidest comment I've ever seen here.

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