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Desc:Sacha Baron Cohen finally goes Mike Meyers.
Tags:Borat, jumped the shark
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Comment count is 14
Oh, for fuck's sake. Mr. Kingsley, what have you done now?
It doesn't look terrible, at least from this trailer. I'm a fan of his comedy style and this is right in line with it. I hope they don't try to turn it into a franchise.
Adham Nu'man
Yeah I'm sure they intentionally kept all the funny bits out of the trailer because they don't want to spoil the surprise.

I've seen a lot of comedies made to look really bad by the joke choices the studio thought would bring in the crowds, only to see that the actual movie was really good. I hope that's the case with this one.

Even if it only gets up to the Ali G Movie level I'll be happy.

Goes Mike Myers? More like Goes Adam Sandler.
He just needs to stay away from writing scripted films. Before Borat he did a god-awful Ali G movie. He needs to stick with half scripted shock humor.

He should of stuck to pretending to be a congresswoman from Minnesota. He was so good at that.
This doesn't look like he wrote it.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Under the category of movies I can't believe exist...this...
Jet Bin Fever
Not too bad, but not great either. He should stick to unscripted adlibbing with people that aren't in on the joke.
That said, I'm sure this'll effectively get him banned from at least a dozen more countries.
At this rate, he's going to end up having to live in Salman Rushdie's old nuclear bunker.
God, am I ever sick of film comedies that are propped up by lazy pop culture jokes. Apparently modern comedy screenwriting is the art of repeating the name of a few celebrities and internet memes for 90 minutes. Most of which will already be passe by the time the movie comes out.

I can watch plenty of comedies from before I was born that still hold up brilliantly, but I can't watch something from 2006 without it feeling dated.

Also, I liked Borat and Bruno, but Cohen has gone to the "HA HA LOOK AT THE FOREIGN GUY" well too often for me to care anymore.
Oscar Wildcat
He should have stuck with the Lord Monckton character, that was gold...
the starter pistol gag made me laugh at least
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