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Desc:Star Trek fandom: The early years, nuff said
Category:Science & Technology, Educational
Tags:nerds, star trek, trekkies, 1970s, convention
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Trekkies: 40 years of sadness.
More details of my personal life:

My mother was a first generation Trekkie, hawking memorabalia at the early conventions. She says it was "shocking" to see somebody in Vulcan ears, the idea of dressing up as a character was absurd to her. With the divorce of my father (who turned out to be gay and had been flagrantly cheating on her for over 20 years), she tossed out all her Star Trek stuff, having somehow associated it all with him. I rescued a great deal of it (mostly the early novels and comic books), and made a tidy profit at Half Price Books, and I kind of wish I had room for it, but the realization that just keeping shit around is a disease that I don't want to catch.

So, yeah, heavy shit for me.
moral sex
If he's gay, would he be fragrantly cheating too?

Is that an appropriate use of 'nuff in this context?

I just had the best footlong sandwich. Modestly priced, nuff said.
Hugo Gorilla
The girl at 8:09.
But with most of the early Trek convention footage, you will notice there weren't as many fatties then as there would be now, and even those who were around then mostly weren't blobbily obese.
Call me an old man, but it's funny watching an older generation of sci-fi fans liking something for its actual themes and observations on the human condition versus current nerd culture of regurgitating memes and arguing over technical details.
Void 71
Yeah, I was surprised at how normal these people appeared in comparison to modern fanboys. There was a distinct lack of autism and emotional damage in this video.

My friend's dad is one of the original Trekkies, and I got into a similar discussion about this with him not so long ago. He contends that if anything, there was even more arguing over technical stuff and stupid details, because without the internet, or much literature on Star Trek in general, it was impossible to find a definitive answer to anything. He knew a guy who drew up detailed schematics of the ship based on random (often contradictory) lines from the show. Multiple people did this, and they'd get into shouting matches over whose were more accurate.

On the other hand, the embarrassing idiot ratio did seem to be much lower. Again, he blames the internet, because before it came along, being part of a fandom meant you had to be able to go out and talk to people about your passion face to face. These days, you just make thousands of forum posts and then emerge from your fatcave once a year to attend the nearest con.

Jet Bin Fever
A lot of this footage is up here already at:

But I guess it isn't exactly a dupe.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Ahh no wonder it looked familiar.

Rodents of Unusual Size
North Korea has nothing on Star Trek in terms of pure hero worship.

Isaac Asimov could have been Ben Franklin's dad.

5 stars in and of themselves for Swashbuckling Geraldo!
"Keep on Trek'n!"

Thank you, 70's, thank you.
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