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Desc:Some do it professionally
Category:Sports, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Racing, douchebag, Corvette
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Corpus Delectable
9:47, for the impatient.
Porsche is like, suck trackwall bitch!

followed immediately by a Nelson "Hah-hah!"

C. Eloi Marx
For the impatient: the incident starts at about 9:35, but the lead-up is worth it.

I've always found the Corvette squad to be the most unsportsmanlike team in racing, primarily due to the fact that they're the only full factory funded GT team. They know that they can't take on the other factories (Peugeot and Audi) in protos, so they beat up on the GT classes.

The other teams in GT are privateers, who buy and prepare the cars they race, and at best, take the services of factory drivers.
9:38, for non-rednecks. The lead up is boring and uneventful.
Um, okay. So for someone who doesn't know shit about racing or cars, is this legal? Accepted? The Corvette seemed to deserve it.
Well, like in any sport it depends on the situation and the officials mood that day. In this case, both drivers were suspended for 2 races in the next season.

Actually correction, a two race probation period with a threat of suspension. A slap on the wrist basically. The Porsche had a right to defend his position, but the vette also kind of had a right to try passing. Basically he can't jack him straight into the wall outright, but if he happens to be punching the air in this spot, and you just so happen to walk into the air he's punching...

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