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Desc:...wait for it.
Category:Video Games, Pets & Animals
Tags:frog, better animals, ant, wait for it, Ant catcher
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Comment count is 24
Chalkdust - 2011-12-21


Dread Pirate Roberts - 2011-12-21
Best use of the 'wait for it' tag in the history of Poe. :D
Corpus Delectable - 2011-12-21
Saw it coming, but still awesome.
Caminante Nocturno - 2011-12-21
He deserved that.
The Mothership - 2011-12-21
Jet Bin Fever - 2011-12-21
I waited, and I was rewarded.
duck&cover - 2011-12-21
Damn, damn, damn, ah, finally fresh meat!
memedumpster - 2011-12-21
That frog is officially smarter than every human who plays shit like that.
Nikon - 2011-12-22
For you.

MrBuddy - 2011-12-21
That officially beats the lizard.
Paracelsus - 2011-12-21
Good for you, frog.
Bisekrankas - 2011-12-21
now thats a cool frog
Oscar Wildcat - 2011-12-21
Rushing to bite the hand that feeds.
poorwill - 2011-12-21
dairyqueenlatifah - 2011-12-21
rustedmutt - 2011-12-21
glasseye - 2011-12-22

Oktay - 2011-12-22
"Those tasted kinda bland... let's try this one."
Innocent Bystander - 2011-12-22
Haha you stupid frog-teaser.
grimcity - 2011-12-22
Xenagama Warrior Princess - 2011-12-22
Oh look, a game my lizards could play...

*reaches end of video*

Never mind.
American Standard - 2011-12-22
I guess frog bites hurt a lot more than one would think.
Old People - 2013-05-27
The African Bullfrog has big horrible teeth. I lived in central Africa and they were always warning us not to fuck with these things (and many other species).

Change - 2011-12-22
Really it's his fault for getting in the way of the food.
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